Open Up the Future with LIGHT

Even in unknown fields, our wealth of knowledge and experience in the pursuit of the possibilities of optics and LIGHT, along with our spirit of never giving up and our will to overcome the most difficult challenges, enables us to help guide your development to a successful conclusion. Let’s work together to create the norms of the future with LIGHT.

Ellipsoidal Mirror

HSFR, MSFR and LSFR controlled surfaces provide better reflectance in EUV and X-ray.


< 0.2 nm (RMS)

Slope Error

< 1 urad (RMS)

*1 mm sampling

Synchrotron Radiation
Facility Quality

Aspherical Lens

Our proprietary smoothing technologies reduce surface waviness and roughness.
Our optics support high efficiency and high performance in various fields including chip manufacturing and inspection in DUV range.

Surface Form Tol.

RMS λ/40

Surface Roughness

< 0.2 nm (RMS)



φ5.0 mm—200.0 mm

Cylindrical Lens

NATSUME signature optics.
Not only high precision surfaces, but also shapes such as cross-axis cylindrical surfaces and
composite monolithic cylinders with a spherical rear surface are also available.

Flatness on Cylindrical Axis

RMS λ/20

Surface Form Tol.

RMS λ/10

within 100 mm x 100 mm

Entire cylindrical surface can be assured
by our patented interferometer system.

Spherical Lens

Craftsmanship - Continuously refined grinding and polishing techniques for high-precision surfaces

Surface Form Tol.


*Without MRF processing


< 0.4 nm on CaF2

Low-pressure processing that
reduces pressure on Stress


Production started in 1977 - Sharp apexes and concave surfaces achieved through our polishing ability.
More than 15,000 of our axicons have been installed in a wide variety of manufacturing equipment.

clear aperture 90%

Cx without centre Φ1mm
Cc without centre φ2mm

Apex Angle

Up to 179.9 deg.


Up to φ200mm


Freeform Optics

  • Aspherical Cylindrical Lens
  • Toric Lens
  • Off-axis Aspherical Lens
  • Free-form Lens
  • Partially Rotating Ellipsoidal Surface
  • Parabolic Surface
  • Zernike Polynomial Surface
  • Monolithic Wolter Surface


  • Right Angle Prism
  • Rod Prism
  • Rhomboid (Rhom) Prism
  • Dichroic Prism
  • Roof Prism
  • TIR Prism
  • Wedge Prism
  • Corner Cube
  • Penta Prism
  • Polygon Prism
  • Optical Contact

and more

  • Fly-eye Lens
  • Ball Lens
  • Sub-assy
  • Doublet
  • Triplet
  • Hole Drilling
  • Outer Circumference Special Machining

Markets where NATSUME’s Optics are Installed


More than 90% of the DUV optics we manufacture and export are for the semiconductor market.

We work together with our customers from the development phase and communicate closely with them to take on the most difficult challenges.
We have a clean room and provide clean packaging.

Application: Lithography System, Defect Inspection System

Space observation

Using the know-how garnered through our experience with optics for semiconductors, we manufacture high-precision mirrors for Space Observation.

Precision irregularity provides high strehl ratio.
High precision optics with low thermal expansion glass is available.

Application: National Space Observation Missions


NATSUME, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, has developed a manufacturing process for soft X-ray mirrors that combines precision machining and precision replication technologies.

We have succeeded in highly efficient soft X-ray focusing with precision capillary mirrors at SPring-8.
Furthermore, we are a pioneer in the practical application of monolithic Wolter mirrors for soft X-ray.


Laser Processing

Life Science








We exhibit at trade shows as a place to hear the needs of our overseas customers directly.
We listen carefully and lead the challenge to a breakthrough.
Please feel free to consult with NATSUME about difficulties for which you have not yet found a solution.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

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