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About Us

NATSUME OPTICAL CORPORATION (NATSUME) has been researching and developing high-precision glass optics in a wide variety of shapes and forms since our establishment in 1947 in Nagano, Japan. Our employees are passionate about the challenges we face, with our high level of made-in-Japan technology and diligent temperament to persistently engage in research and development. Particularly in the field of semiconductors, which we have been involved in since the 1980s, we have been improving our technology daily with our natural spirit of challenge and tenacity, building the foundation of the most globally advanced LIGHT technology.

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History of NATSUME Optics Technology

NATSUME’s technology has kept up with the changes in semiconductors that are evolving day by day.

  • Cylindrical lenses
    Laser printers

  • Fly-eye
    Lithography systems

  • CaF2 optics for
    DUV Equipment

  • Precision Glass Balls for
    Optical Network

  • Freeform optics
    Synchrotron facilities

Deep UV:248nm193nm






One step towards digitization

Growing demand for high-precision

Miniaturization of semiconductors, high definition displays

Research and development of life functions and drug discovery


For 75 years or more, NATSUME has never given up on developing optics that did not exist in the world. As a result of our pursuit of necessary technologies, we have successfully developed processes and machines that were previously considered difficult to realize.
Our strength lies in our ability to combine surface smoothing, waviness removal, minimal shape error, and other requirements.
We have also developed measurement technologies in-house that had not existed in the world in order to meet the precise needs of our customers, who require nano-level accuracy assurance.

EUV MirrorDUV Optics


Our high-precision optics are employed in various fields where LIGHT is used.
We support our customers around the world with a wide variety of optical elements in the fields of semiconductors, advanced science, and X-ray analysis, which require single nanometer precision assurance.
Even in unknown fields, we will lead our customers' challenges to breakthroughs with our wealth of knowledge and experience in the pursuit of the possibilities of LIGHT, our “never giving up” mindset, and our creative imagination.

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environmental issues seriously
in order to realize a
sustainable society.

We are committed to sustainable corporate activities with the aim of creating a better society through the use of our own technologies, ideas, and diligence.

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Our Member

NATSUME OPTICAL CORPORATION staff members are tenaciously working on development without giving up while maximizing their imagination to support the challenge of next-generation technology.

It could even be said that the ever-evolving and advanced technology of NATSUME is supported by the power of individuals with a passion for research who work steadily and diligently daily. Every one of our professionals demonstrates their abilities, and their skills and passion are combined to create daily unlimited possibilities.

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We exhibit at trade shows as a place to hear the needs of our overseas customers directly.
We listen carefully and lead the challenge to a breakthrough.
Please feel free to consult with NATSUME about difficulties for which you have not yet found a solution.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

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