DUV Optics


193 nm, 213 nm, 248 nm, 266 nm, 355 nm


Fused Silica, CaF2

For more than 40 years, our optics manufacturing has supported the development of the semiconductor industry. We have been providing custom optics for semiconductor lithography and inspection equipment in the DUV range worldwide.

NATSUME Edge Technology
for DUV Optics

CaF2 Optics

Any shape can be produced by our masterful grinding and polishing technique.

  • Availability: Asphere (Aspheric Lens), Aspheric Cylindrical Lens, Axicon, Sphere, Cylinder, Window, Prism, Beam Splitter, Phase Plate, Achromart, Integrator, Fly-eye

Wavefront Error

Well-controlled surface form provides your ideal optical performance.

  • Acheivement: PV λ/38
  • Measurement size: 1 inch (C.A. 85%)

Waviness (MSFR)

NATSUME’s unique method of surface correction minimizes waviness.

  • Achievement: 0.473 nm in RMS
  • Measurement size: φ10 mm
  • Filter: 0.1—3 mm band pass

Micro Roughness (HSFR)

Super smooth surface is achieved by the combination of our conventional and internal developed polishing methods.

  • Measurement area (0.001—0.1 mm)
  • Acheivement: 0.208 nm in RMS
  • Measurement size: φ0.17 mm
  • Filter: 0.001—0.1 mm band pass


We exhibit at trade shows as a place to hear the needs of our overseas customers directly.
We listen carefully and lead the challenge to a breakthrough.
Please feel free to consult with NATSUME about difficulties for which you have not yet found a solution.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

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