With our expertise and commitment to quality, NATSUME OPTICAL CORPORATION provides researchers with the high-precision optics needed for exceptional light control in a variety of experiments.

Have a look at some examples of publications that our high performance optics and advanced technology have contributed to.

Behind the scenes

Installed in research facilities, our optics have supported many researchers' achievements.


  • Motoyama, Hiroto, et al. “Submicron structures created on Ni thin film by submicron focusing of femtosecond EUV light pulses.” Applied Physics Express 16.1 (2023): 016503.

Beyond EUV

  • Senba, Yasunori, et al. “Stable sub-micrometre high-flux probe for soft X-ray ARPES using a monolithic Wolter mirror.” Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 27.5 (2020): 1103-1107.
  • Muro, Takayuki, et al. “Soft X-ray ARPES for three-dimensional crystals in the micrometre region.” Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 28.5 (2021): 1631-1638.
  • Nurmamat, Munisa, et al. “Bulk Dirac cone and highly anisotropic electronic structure of NiTe2.” Physical Review B 104.15 (2021): 155133.
  • Kono, Takashi, et al. “Three-dimensional bulk Fermi surfaces and Weyl crossings of Co2MnGa thin films underneath a protection layer.” Physical Review B 104.19 (2021): 195112.
  • Miyashita, Takeo, et al. “Emergence of low-energy electronic states in oxygen-controlled Mott insulator Ca2RuO4+δ.” Solid State Communications 326 (2021): 114180.
  • Ishizaka, S., et al. “Evidence for Dirac nodal-line fermions in a phosphorous square-net superconductor.” Physical Review B 105.12 (2022): L121103.

A number of creative studies choose NATSUME's optics for proof-of-concept experiments.


  • Motoyama, H., et al. “Development of high-order harmonic focusing system based on ellipsoidal mirror.” Review of Scientific Instruments 87.5 (2016).

Beyond EUV

  • Mimura, Hidekazu, et al. “X-ray ring-focusing mirror.” Applied Physics Letters 114.13 (2019).
  • Takeo, Yoko, et al. “A highly efficient nanofocusing system for soft x rays.” Applied Physics Letters 117.15 (2020).
  • Takeo, Yoko, et al. “Soft x-ray nanobeam formed by an ellipsoidal mirror.” Applied Physics Letters 116.12 (2020).
  • Egawa, Satoru, et al. “Full-field microscope with twin Wolter mirrors for soft X-ray free-electron lasers.” Optics Express 27.23 (2019): 33889-33897.
  • Egawa, Satoru, et al. “Single-shot achromatic imaging for broadband soft x-ray pulses.” Optics Letters 45.2 (2020): 515-518.
  • Shimamura, Takenori, et al. “Fabrication of ultrashort sub-meter-radius x-ray mirrors using dynamic stencil deposition with figure correction.” Review of Scientific Instruments 94.4 (2023).
  • Ando, Hiroshi, et al. “Developing a Simple Scanning Probe System for Soft X-ray Spectroscopy with a Nano-focusing Mirror.” e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 21.3 (2023): 200-206.

Technology development

Through joint development with researchers, we have been improving our manufacturing technology for high-precision optics.

  • Egawa, Satoru, et al. “Figure correction of a Wolter mirror master mandrel by organic abrasive machining.” Review of Scientific Instruments 94.5 (2023).
  • Kume, Takehiro, et al. “Fabrication of soft x-ray monolithic Wolter mirror based on surface scanning measurement using touch probe.” Review of Scientific Instruments 93.6 (2022).
  • Matsuzawa, Yusuke, et al. “Organic abrasive machining system for optical fabrication with 0.1-mm spatial resolution.” Review of Scientific Instruments 93.1 (2022).
  • Kimura, Takashi, et al. “Soft X-ray ptychography system using a Wolter mirror for achromatic illumination optics.” Optics Express 30.15 (2022): 26220-26228.


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