Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

NATSUME OPTICAL CORPORTION (the "Company," "us" or "we"), as a company that grows together with its customers, including those who provided the personal information to the Company (the "Customer"), will endeavor to strictly manage the personal information provided by the Customer (the "Personal Information") to prevent leakage, destruction, and falsification, etc. of the Personal Information through initiatives in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, related laws and regulations and various related guidelines, and to continuously improve its management, in order to prove worthy of everyone's trust.

1.Handling of Personal Information

We will clarify the purpose of use to the Customer to obtain consent to acquire any Personal Information, and only use and provide the Personal Information to third parties within the scope of the purpose of use. In addition, if we use the Personal Information or provide it to third parties beyond the purpose of use for which we received the Customer's consent, we will obtain the Customer's consent in advance.

The Company will manage the Personal Information in a secure and correct manner, and will establish and implement internal rules for security measures to prevent and correct the unauthorized access to the Personal Information, and leakage, loss or damage of the Personal Information.

(1) Collection and Purpose of Use
We will not use the Personal Information collected by the Company in response to inquiries from the Customers for any purpose other than to properly respond to inquiries from the Customers and providing information as sales promotion activities of the Company.

(2) Disclosure, Correction, Addition, and Deletion of the Collected Personal Information
The Customer may request the Company to disclose the Personal Information collected by the Company in accordance with procedures separately prescribed by the Company, and may request the correction, addition, or deletion as necessary. The Customer may be charged a disclosure fee set by the Company for disclosure requests.

(3) Security Management
For the Personal Information collected from the Customer, the Company will establish a manager to protect the Personal Information and implement appropriate security management measures to prevent the occurrence of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage, etc. of the Personal Information.

(4) Provision, Deposit, and Shared Use
The Company will not provide the Personal Information collected from the Customer to third parties without the consent of the Customer unless otherwise as required by law.

In addition, inquiries may be entrusted to a subcontractor within the scope necessary to achieve an accurate response. The name of the business partner, the type of information, and the name of the manager may have shared use with other parties after being announced to the Customer. In compliance with laws and other standards, the Company will comply with various laws and regulations related to the services and other related standards to protect the Personal Information.

2.Handling of the Customer's Access Information on the Website

(1) Collection of Access Information by using Cookies and Web Beacons
This website ( and uses the technology of cookies1 and web beacons2 to obtain the usage status of the Customer's homepage (this website). Any information obtained by the technology is the Customer's "information identifying the browser" and does not identify a specific customer.

1Cookies store the "information identifying the browser" of the Customers who visits a website on their computer terminals, etc. (including mobiles, tablets, and other devices), and is technology for the more convenient use and browsing when visiting a website again.

2A web beacon is technology that, when used in conjunction with cookies, collects access information from the Customer's browser and determines whether or not the Company's website has been visited, the number of visits, and the browsing history, etc.

(2) Purpose of Use of Access Information
We will not use the Customer's website access information beyond the following purposes:
(i) to statistically analyze access information and use it to improve site convenience and content;
(ii) to identify the cause of an issue or failure that occurred on the web server; and
(iii) to analyze the access information of this website and the needs without identifying individuals, and to promote sales activities based on this analysis.

The Company may provide website access information to website production contractors to solve issues in the operation of this website, but this information will not include information that identifies specific individuals.

If the Customer does not want the collection of information on its web browser, the Customer may refuse to receive cookies sent from this website by changing the web browser settings individually.

*The setting method differs for each web browser. Please refer to the "Help" menu of your web browser for the setting methods on cookies.

(3) Prevention of Eavesdropping, etc. by Third Parties during Communication using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
When the Customer provides Personal Information through this website, we will use SSL to encrypt the Personal Information or apply a security technology equivalent thereto to ensure security to prevent unauthorized access by third parties during the communication process.

3.Inquiries on the Handling of Personal Information

If the Customer has any questions about the Personal Information, including confirmation of the purpose of use of the Personal Information, providing an opinion or filing a complaint about the handling of the Personal Information, please contact the address below: